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Amazing Gracie Book - Paperback

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Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale by Dan Dye & Mark Beckloff, the founders of Three Dog Bakery. How love and devotion can lead to a fulfilling life.


She was the loneliest pup in the litter--a deaf and partially blind albino Great Dane. She had huge sky blue eyes. And when Dan Dye reached for her, she struggled to her feet like a clumsy foal, raised her forehead to his, and announced, as clearly as if she had actually spoken words, You know I'm the one. Now get me outta here!

Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff are the founders of Three Dog Bakery and co-authors of Short Tails and Treats from Three Dog Bakery and Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.

"Equal parts love story, salvation tale, and rags-to-riches saga. You don't have to be obsessed with dogs to love this story." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Tears will stain the pages as you read about Gracie." - USA Today

"It's funny how the smallest things can change a life. Gracie was that thing. If you're short on inspiration, read Amazing Gracie." - Chicago Tribune

ISBN-10: 0761129758


Customer Reviews

Love Amazing Gracie! Review by Liz

I bought this book years ago in the airport. A wonderfully heartwarming story about a puppy and her 'boy'. Cliche I laughed I cried and did it again! I also named my mini fox terrier Amazing Gracie in honor of the original Grace and her amazing owners!

(Posted on 5/8/13)

Wonderful! Review by Syl

I just finished this book and it is full of love and caring and determination. Dogs are such a big part of my family (yes I have 3) and this story touched me deeply. Kudos to Dan an Mark for the love they had for their dogs and for their determination to succeed. I highly recommend this book to all dog owners and to those that wish they were.

(Posted on 4/13/13)

Wonderful! Review by Benny'sMom

Amazing Gracie is so much more than a well-written good read; it's a wonderful learning experience on so many levels. If you feel an emptiness in your life and just can't quite identify why, read this book and you'll find the answer! No kidding...

(Posted on 4/6/13)

Great Review by Kroozlady

Just finished this book. Loved it. It makes you laugh a lot through most of the book, and cry a little at the end. Brought me to this website. There are probably many heartwarming love stories between canine and human, but not everyone has the talent and/or time to tell the story. So, for making the effort and bringing smiles and tears to your readers, I thank you.l

(Posted on 1/26/13)

Loved it!!! Review by Dani

Loved ur story. It brought laughs and tears. Read it all in three days!!!!

(Posted on 11/18/12)

Book Review by B

Just finished it with a smile and a tear. Great read!

(Posted on 10/25/12)

Fantastic read!, Review by Teechur

:I just finished this book and loved every word. Thank you for sharing Gracie with us!

(Posted on 7/23/12)

Gracie Review by Sharon

Just finished reading this wonderful, heartfelt book. We has a Shiba Inu rescue dog that was "one of the kids". She died at 12-years of age from cancer and we still miss her today! Thank you for your book. I loved it.

(Posted on 7/23/12)

Amazing Gracie Review by Butchie B

Anyone who has ever loved a dog, will love this book. Even though you know how it ends, the last chapter will bring you to sobbing tears. My favorite line...."but a star always shines its brightest before it burns out." Gracie you are truly a star! Loved it!

(Posted on 6/18/12)

Amazing Gracie Review by KellyG

I loved this book. I have read it at least 3 times and even let my aunt borrow

(Posted on 6/17/12)

Amazing Gracie Review by Zoe

My friend gave me this book to read on vacation and I couldn't put it down. I absolutely LOVED it! Most of the time I was smiling and laughing and of course, crying by the end. What an inspiring story! I can't wait to visit a 3 dog bakery!

(Posted on 5/30/12)

Gracie Review by Bigfoot

This is truly a very special story about a very unique dog, her canine family and humans. I found the book heart warming a book to treasure for years to come. We got this book because we have our own version of Gracie. Her name is Hurricane Elenore and she is deaf and has only one eye with limited vision. Elenore like Gracie is indeed an inspiration to us. She is not aware of any handicaps and greets life at full speed and lives it to the fullest. I cried openly when I got to the final chapter of Gracie. Dogs like Gracie and our Elenore grab your heart and enrich your life.

(Posted on 5/29/12)

Amazing Story Review by Gavvy

Remarks:O my gosh this is so good I got the book when my deaf and partchily blind in 1eye great Dane passed away this book taught me to watch my other great Dane who was all blind but at ten months she got hit by a car

(Posted on 5/27/12)

For all dog lover's this is a must read!!, Review by Sara

Remarks:Amazing Gracie touched my heart in so many ways. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing sweet Gracie! I have 3 dogs that were each adopted and I hugged each of them after reading this book. If you are a dog lover, you must read this book! I have not met one person that has read this book and was not touched. Read it! I know you will love it!

(Posted on 5/2/12)

Amazing Gracie Review by Mica

A must read for any dog lover. I balled like a baby at the end thinking of when I had to put my malamute to sleep. I highly recommend it and have the tissues ready....

(Posted on 3/29/12)

Amazing Gracie Review by ErinM

I have a Gracie myself, so the name is really what drew me in to the read this book. But I have to tell you that it is absolutely one of the best dog stories I've ever read. Reading about Gracie, Dottie, and Sarah, just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. If you've ever loved a dog and appreciated all of the joy and inspiration they've brought to your life, then read this book. You might sob like I did when it's over, but you'll be a better person for knowing this story.

(Posted on 3/22/12)

Dogs with Heart Review by KarenC

I ordered this book from Amazon for my kindle, just cause I like dog stories. This book is so full of love and good cheer, I recommended it to many friends! I did not realize until mid way through that the Three Dog Bakery actually exists! Thanks for the motivational, loving story!

(Posted on 3/14/12)

A must for dog novel lovers Review by AkBreeze

Remarks:If you love dog novels than you will love this one. What makes it the best dog novel is that is is based on a true story of the love between humans and dogs and how our four legged children inspire us. Read this book and fall in love with gracie and become inspired to better the heathcare for your own canine companions.

(Posted on 12/21/11)

AMAZING Review by Spike

This is probably the best book I have ever read

(Posted on 10/14/11)

Amazing Gracie Book Review by Callie's Mom

A real heart-warming story, well written. Anyone who has loved a dog can relate. Thank you for telling Gracie's story.

(Posted on 3/22/11)

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