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Classic Crèmes Carob with Natural Vanilla Flavor Filling 13oz.

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Quick Overview

With natural ingredients and slow oven baking these premium dog cookies a must have. Don't take our word, just ask your dog.


Carob sandwich cookies filled with vanilla. You'll be asking yourself, "Are these really for dogs?"

Approximately 38 kcals per cookie


Wheat flour, dried cane syrup, dextrose, canola oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, corn syrup, carob powder, vanilla powder, baking soda, baking powder, lecithin.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) - 4%

Crude Fat (min.) - 18%

Crude Fiber (max.) - 2%

Moisture (max.) - 10%


Customer Reviews

A treat for dogs AND their people! Review by Beth

I used to buy these as a special treat for my dogs at agility trials. After a good run my first Border Collie, Skye, would get one (or two) of these. They looked so good that I tried one - and loved it! Skye would condescend to share them with me if I was nice (probably because I had the checkbook to buy more).

I've had trouble finding them in stores for years, so I guess I'll have to buy them online so my dogs and I can share these great treats once again. (Gotta try the other flavors as well!)

And I'd bet that Skye is enjoying them in heaven, too.

(Posted on 2/10/15)

Heidi's Favorite Review by Peggy

Heidi is my Cavalier King Charles 'mature girl'. She is one of four rescues who adopted me - we believe she was a puppy mill mother or many puppies and is about 11 or 12 years old. She had four infected teeth when she was found and since then has had two additional teeth pulled, leaving her only six teeth. She loves these cookies! I have to break every treat into small pieces and this cookie allows me to do that easily. Every day around 6:00 she starts prancing around and will not lay down until she get her evening treat of one of your carob sandwich cookies. My other girls love them, too, but these cookies are the highlight of Heidi's day. I makes me feel so good that I can give her something she loves so much each day after living the life she had to endure for so many years. Thank you!

(Posted on 1/20/15)

My dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cookies! Review by Judith

I have kept our dogs' cookies in the same spot for a long time. When either of them see me near that spot, he sits down and stays there until he has a cookie!!

(Posted on 7/22/14)

Oreos for your dogs Review by Kathleen

We bought these in addition to the Vanilla Wafers. Our dogs get very excited about receiving one of these treats. A high quality product with natural ingredients!!

(Posted on 1/31/14)

Oreo lover Review by Roxy's Mom

My dog loves these treats. They are her favorite. She looks forward to everyone that she gets!

(Posted on 1/3/14)

Almost makes me wish I was a dog! Review by Aubrey

Both of my dogs Mitzy and Sandy can't get enough of these wonderful cookies! They're soft enough for my chihuahua's small mouth to break up and chew, yet hearty enough to satisfy my pug's hunger for a delicious snack. The look and smell of these cookies almost makes me wish I was a dog so I could indulge in what my dogs assure me are very tasty treats!

(Posted on 9/23/13)

Looks good enough to eat Review by Dianne

I love the packaging and presentation!

(Posted on 9/12/13)

Both my dogs LOVE these Review by Scott

It was a little more convenient when these could be purchased at Wal-Mart but my dogs are hooked and fortunately they are can be obtained online or at the nearby Three Dog Bakery in Columbus.

Besides being yummy treats, the cream filling is a GREAT way to hide pills or vitamins without having to use those greasy, smelly pill pockets.

I hope my dogs are not reading this. :-)

(Posted on 8/31/13)

good cookie Review by markelle

My standard poodles love these cookies, however sadly, the only place that we can get them is Wal-Mart and they boxes always look like someone sat on them....nothing but cookie crumbs!!!!

(Posted on 5/5/13)

Super. Review by tomo

Melchior, my 3.5 year old cocker spaniel gives these sandwich cookies 5 paws up, or at least he tries. He also loves the peanut butter filled cookies.

(Posted on 4/29/13)

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Review by Shiana

My dogs LOVE these cookies! They have learned the word cookies because of them! They are happy to gobble them up and they do not like all dog cookies and biscuits and I am happy because they are good for my babies!

(Posted on 2/12/13)

FANTASTIC Review by Bugboy

My dog loves these cookies. There are ONLY 3 treats that he will eat, this is one of them.
He absolutely loves every bite.

(Posted on 2/12/13)

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