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The Best Ways to Love Your Dog: Top Five Heart Strong Lessons

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

Everyone has an idea of how much their dog loves them. They show us with their loyalty, their wagging tails, their gentle nudges, and even the hugs they give.How do you show love for your dog?During this month of love, here are our top five best ways to love your furry four-leggers.

Make them an extra special meal for them this and every holiday month 

To start, we recommend adding a little bit of extra Gracie’s Gourmet to their dry food, and top with a little warm water.For the main course, we recommend offering up one of our meaty filet strips in pork and blueberry.They are packed with all-natural goodness and an aroma that will be certain to make your four-legged friend’s mouth water. Finally, finish off this special meal with a Classic Crème in Carob and Peanut Butter.

Keep them at the proper weight for their breed 

Sure, we cheat over the holidays with our favorite meals and treats. However, that does not mean that we can’t maintain both our weight and the weight of our best friend year-round. Consult one of our professionals at any of our Three Dog Bakery Locations including Threedog.com to find out the proper weight for your breed and the recommended number of calories to keep your pet at their best weight. Their knees and back will thank you for this!

Keep them clean, especially their teeth

Doggie “spaw time” is bonding time. There is no better way to speak the dog language of love. Making certain that they don’t have a burr in their fur from that run at the park, or to give their knees and elbows a light squeeze making certain they have no swelling or injury that would require veterinarian care. In addition, clean teeth give the heart a clean bill of health and optimize the number of days you will have together laughing and enjoying life. Three Dog Bakery Beg-als and Biscuits are certain to scrape away the dental build up.


Take a nap with them or give them a safe place to nap. Dogs experience one of our human days from a different perspective: a perspective which, at times, can be quite draining.Therefore, they need naps to be your best friend.After all, a nap is one of the greatest paths to a longer life and a healthier pet.


One good walk daily, and/or time at a clean dog park is like a vacation for your pet!Sometimes, that is enough for owners and their pets. Other times, they will travel with their pets on airplanes so they and their pets can join the rest of the family on vacations. Whether you take a walk at the park with your pet or he or she travels with you on a trip around the world, make his or her day with spending some time in nature and out of the monotony of day-to-day routines. You both will benefit from the break!

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Third Annual Veteran's Day Promotion

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