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Don’t FURget! Mother’s Day is coming soon

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

Gift ideas for the dog moms in your life

For Mother’s Day this year, don't FURget the moms with furry children. It’s time to unleash the love and celebrate all the wonderful things dog moms do!

Dog moms are incredible. It doesn’t matter if their fur kids are temporary fosters or lifetime residents, they love them just the same. They comfort and nurture them – no matter what. They give their kiddos the very best they can whenever they can. And, of course, dog moms put lots of time, sweat, and love into raising their four-legged kids to be good canine citizens.

If you're looking for a PAWsome gift for a dog mom, stop by one of our bakeries and check out our fabulous selection of gifts.

Sniff out a bakery HERE. If you can't find a bakery near you, our online store also has some GRReat gifts for the pup parent in your life. 

Muffins are PAWfect for mornings

Mornings can be RUFF! The blaring alarm, the cold tile and the simple fact that you have to leave the warmth of your bed. It can be overwhelming!On mornings like that, a tasty muffin and an extra jolt of caffeine make all the difference in the world. Well, what about your dog? Your best furry [...]

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Treat Your Dog Healthy with Three Dog Bakery Carob Treats

What animal doesn’t love chocolate? Most humans do, and if their dogs could speak they would say, “chocolate for me too, please!” Chocolate has that amazing smell and texture, but it also contains theobromine and caffeine, which is deadly to non-human animals. So what to do when you love chocolate and want to share some with your furry friend? At [...]

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Appreciate The Loving Nutrition That Goes Into Three Dog Bakery Foods & Treats

Dogs love to eat. In fact, if they could have a say, they would request that door to their “canine café” be open 24/7. During this month of love, show your pet how much you care for their health, happiness, and wellbeing by choosing nutritious foods for them. We at Three Dog Bakery hand select [...]

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The Best Ways to Love Your Dog: Top Five Heart Strong Lessons

Everyone has an idea of how much their dog loves them. They show us with their loyalty, their wagging tails, their gentle nudges, and even the hugs they give.How do you show love for your dog?During this month of love, here are our top five best ways to love your furry four-leggers.Make them an extra special meal for them this [...]

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How Kissable Is Your Pet?

When you lean in to kiss your pet this Valentine’s day, does your dog’s breath smell funky or fresh? Like us two-leggers, four-leggers can suffer from the same dental issues we do. The aromatic rainbow of periodontal disease, teething, and gum disease scents are just the beginning of what will make us turn our heads instead of grab a [...]

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Feeding The Human-Animal Bond

Bonding with a pet has been proven to be a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship. This is nothing new: after all, this bond humans and canines (and other animals) share has existed for thousands of years. When managed properly, this relationship benefits both parties equally, in health and in well-being.Some dogs (and many other species of animals) receive specialized training [...]

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Saving Your Dog's Loving Smile

We love our dogs; there is no doubt about that fact. They show us how amazing their hearts are on a daily basis. However, do we ever really look inside of our dog’s mouth? Usually, it is not until he or she has bad breath that we begin to investigate what may be occurring behind those smiles. Statistics claim that 80% [...]

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Feeding a Dog's Active Mind

It’s a simple fact: dogs' minds are active. For some breeds, even when they are asleep, their minds are running after squirrels, jumping and playing. Ultimately, the minds of some breeds are more active than others. Every dog is built for a purpose: service animal performs service for their human, a retriever retrieves even it is playing fetch [...]

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Happy Howlidays 2016

Some of you celebrate Christmas, others don’t, it doesn’t matter! Three Dog Bakery is an international pack of pet lovers, and on this occasion, we want to wish everyone (two-legged and four-legged) peace, love, health and happiness. May your days be magical, and all your dreams come true this howliday season.Season’s greetings and best wishes for the [...]

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