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4 Tips on Selecting Treats for Your Dog

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

At Three Dog Bakery, we’re passionate about happy, healthy pups. And it’s precisely that unconditional love for our furry four-legged BFF’s that inspired us to create the world’s first dog bakery—stocked with healthy, drool-worthy treats. In fact, many consider ours the very best in the animal kingdom. Crafted from scratch in small batches, our highly skilled pastry chefs use only simple, real ingredients—slow baking each recipe to lock in the flavors and canine-loving nutrients.

We totally understand that dog parents want the best for their four-legged kids, especially when it comes to treats. They want clarity and transparency, and because of that, we're proud to share our product details from start to finish.

Here are four GRReat ways you can feel good about choosing treats for your dog:

1) Educate yourself. Read up on the companies whose products interest you. Learn about their process and ingredient selection. You need to feel comfortable with what they're doing and how they're doing it.

2) Buy made in the USA. Whenever you can, choose treats and foods made in the United States. It's a simple step, but there's a certain level of quality and confidence that comes with buying products that are made in the USA.

3) Read labels. Reading the label is one of the easiest ways to determine the quality. Look for wholesome named ingredients. If it is a meaty treat, look for a named protein source such as chicken meal and not poultry meal. Plus, all packaged treats must list the ingredients present, and in order of weight. Do you recognize the ingredients? Is your dog allergic to anything listed? Do you feel comfortable with them?

4) Purchase with confidence. Once you get to this state, you KNOW selecting high-quality treats from a company that you can trust. You're making the right choices for your dog.

We’ve been making tails wag since 1989, and today our mission remains the same— feed the souls of dogs and the people that love them. So go ahead. Treat your dog to our artisan bites. And don’t be afraid to bark about it.