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​6 tips for exploring town with Fido

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

Warm weather is finally upon us! It’s not too hot. It’s not too cool. It’s GRReat weather for you and your dog to share an adventure and explore your town together.

Here are a few quick tips to make your day PAWsome.

Do your homework. Many outdoor events ban dogs due to crowds and to prevent Spot from lifting his leg on every other booth, so do yourself and your pooch a favor and find out ahead of time if dogs are welcome.

Keep your dog on lead.It’s not punishment. It’s about safety. If your dog is leashed to you, neither one of you can lose the other.

Carry extra poop bags. Always scoop the poop and don’t be shy to offer a fellow dog owner an extra bag if he or she appears to be shirking responsibilities.

Bring water for your dog. Make sure your dog always has water, or easy access to water for your dog when you leave the house. GRReat way to do that is with the H204K9 water bottle/bowl at our bakeries.

Take a time out.Crowds can be overwhelming, so be sure to give your dog a break from the commotion every so often.

Watch those paws.Sizzling sidewalks and hot sand are just a few of the surfaces that can burn those paws. Check the heat by placing your hand or barefoot on the surface before taking your BFF out.

Keep those quick tips in mind and exploring the town with your dog can be a fun experience for all.

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