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Feeding a Dog's Active Mind

Posted by Geralynn Cada-Ragan on

It’s a simple fact: dogs' minds are active. For some breeds, even when they are asleep, their minds are running after squirrels, jumping and playing. Ultimately, the minds of some breeds are more active than others. Every dog is built for a purpose: service animal performs service for their human, a retriever retrieves even it is playing fetch or carrying around their favorite toy, a lap dog lays on your lap offering great companionship. A healthy, well-fed, well-exercised dog that is grounded is generally a happy dog. Everyone loves a happy dog.

One thing that all breeds of dogs have in common is an active mind. Certain foods assist dogs' active minds. When a dog's diet is not balanced, it interrupts their stream of energy, as well as their ability to thrive in their purpose and perform their “duties” for their humans with ease. What we humans can offer to dogs is a balanced diet of food and treats to assist their minds with the nutrition their bodies require. If we make great choices to feed their cells and to assist with their ability to fully perform their life’s purpose, even a lap dog will do an amazing job of laying on our lap and impacting our life in a relaxing way. After all is said and done, we have done a great service for our pet.

Dogs are like a swift stream of energy when they are with us. Perhaps relaxing lap dog's energy are a little less energetic than a retriever's energy? Either way, we love the impact they have on us. No matter the purpose, the wrong foods act like stones that impede the positive energy flow of our furry friends, and most importantly, their health. Good clean protein sources, like Three Dog Bakery’s Meaty Filet Strips in three flavors, are a great balance of clean protein, vegetables, and fruits that are packed with the nutrients that load a dog's brain cells with the nutrition he or she requires for a clear active mind. Feeding your dog the proper way helps he or she not only perform well, but also helps your pup to live the best dog life possible for as long as possible. 

We all would like for our dogs to live longer. Therefore, feeding a dog's active mind with the proper foods, such as our meaty filet strips, is just one of the ways that we give back to them for all of the great energy and love that they surround us with.