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Feeding The Human-Animal Bond

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

Bonding with a pet has been proven to be a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship. This is nothing new: after all, this bond humans and canines (and other animals) share has existed for thousands of years. When managed properly, this relationship benefits both parties equally, in health and in well-being.

Some dogs (and many other species of animals) receive specialized training to grow a bond and assist their humans on many levels.Once they complete their training, these Service and Therapy animals are able to help with everything their humans require to live a longer, peaceful life.They are trained in many ways and conditions by honing their skills in communication, recognition of smells, awareness of the environment around them and how to react when they are presented with certain situations. Some of these situations include everything from alerting their humans about a drop in blood sugar levels all the way to comforting a child or adult with autism.

But what about bonding with the “average Fido” or “Tom the cat”? You may be thinking, “What can I do to influence behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both myself and my every day pet for bonding and improved cohabitation?” Below are a few suggestions for you to make a difference in your pets’ lives. These tips will create an everlasting bond and assist in a life of love with your pet as well as the longest life for your pets.

These are just a few suggestions:

- Establish Positive and Consistent Methods of Communication with your pet: doing so will help your pets be certain what you are asking of them so they can perform with confidence, raise their self-esteem, and lengthen their life spans.

-Establish a Daily Routine: even if that routine differs from workday to weekend, remember, consistency is key. Include Three Dog Bakery Training Treats into your routine and watch pets thrive.

-Carve out Daily Play Time: include some training time plus a great walk as every animal benefits from a walk.

-Provide a Proper Diet of Yummy and Nutritious Foods: Ensure they are hand made with ingredients you recognize, such as Three Dog Bakery food and treats. These will provide the essential building blocks for your best furry friends. They will have a healthier body, a stronger mind, and a longer life.

-Treats: after all, every animal deserves rewards for a productive day. Choose hand-crafted, wholesome yummy treats. You want the best for your pets, which is why our chefs create artisanal specialty treats daily.

This Valentine’s Day and every day, share the human-animal bond of love and nutrition with Three Dog Bakery’s wholesome, yummy specialty Valentine’s Day treats. We handcraft our treats with the human-animal bond in mind every day.