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How Kissable Is Your Pet?

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

When you lean in to kiss your pet this Valentine’s day, does your dog’s breath smell funky or fresh? Like us two-leggers, four-leggers can suffer from the same dental issues we do. The aromatic rainbow of periodontal disease, teething, and gum disease scents are just the beginning of what will make us turn our heads instead of grab a kiss and a lick from the furry unconditional love of our lives. Make certain, initially, with a visit to your veterinarian that the smell is coming from your pets’ teeth and not a gastrointestinal issue or anything related to their digestion. Once determined, we at Three Dog Bakery provide some amazing solutions to save your pets’ smiles and make their kisses irresistible during this holiday of love.

What can you do at home to turn that funk into fresh? First, brushing your pets’ teeth is our number one suggested method of preserving their oral hygiene. But let’s be honest: we humans can be lazy when it comes to that daunting task. After all, not all pets are sitting there in the bathroom before bedtime begging for their pearlies to be polished. So how can we lazy humans make a dent into that tartar buildup and brag about our kissable pets’ pearly whites? With plaque reducing treats of course! Our Beg-als and crunchy biscuits are proven to assist almost as well as a toothbrush and put a bright smile back on our pets.

So how can hard chews clean teeth? When dogs chew on those hard crunchy treats, there is a brushing motion that occurs and lightly scrapes off build up all over your dog’s mouth. Of course, we must mention the best part of all: your pets will love the crunch of hard treats that exercises even the most insatiable chewer’s jaw.

Treatment of dental issues, understandably, relies on the underlying cause. Yet if the underlying cause is just our inability to grab the brush and go, at least we can be at ease knowing that Three Dog Bakery Beg-als and Biscuits are here to save the day. So grab some on sale now and give the gift of a smile that makes your heart skip a beat this Valentine’s Day!