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Saving Your Dog's Loving Smile

Posted by Three Dog Bakery on

We love our dogs; there is no doubt about that fact. They show us how amazing their hearts are on a daily basis. However, do we ever really look inside of our dog’s mouth? Usually, it is not until he or she has bad breath that we begin to investigate what may be occurring behind those smiles. 

Statistics claim that 80% of dog owners do not brush their teeth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, your dog’s heart health, and the health of his or her many other organs, are directly related to their dental health. The toxins that are secreted from the bacteria growing inside their warm, moist mouths circulate directly into their blood stream. This has an adverse effect on many organs and, most importantly, heart valves.

Now you are thinking what can I do for my dog if I am not a disciplined dog tooth brusher? There are many options available in the form of tasty, fun, time consuming chews from Three Dog Bakery. These chews not only keep your dog busy, but also, the time spent chewing cleans most of the buildup off their teeth. Consequentially, this helps protect your best friend’s heart from harmful bacteria that could have otherwise harmed his or her heart. Although these chews do not replace professional dental cleanings, they are definitely effective in helping you show your love for their well-being.

There are many chew options available! At ThreeDog.com, you will find a variety of our dog-tested and dog-approved healthy alternatives if your schedule does not permit a daily or weekly tooth brushing session. Right now, 4 out of 5 dogs have some form of periodontal disease occurring. Therefore, you will want to high-tail it to ThreeDog.com today and make the choice to keep your dog’s teeth clean! So keep your pup busy and keep his or her heart healthy so the love he or she has for you will continue.