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Welcome to Training Tip Tuesday and the Wait cue

Posted by Sharon of Personable Pets Dog Training on

We have all heard it - patience is a virtue. That is true. Even for your dogs.

Dogs seem to act on impulse. See a rabbit? Chase it. See something scary? Run. 

This impulse reaction would keep them safe and fed in the wild, but more often than not it seems to get them in trouble in our world. But, no worries. Your dog can quickly learn to think before he acts. All you need to do is teach the wait cue.

Wait simply means pause for a moment and wait for me to release you. It may appear similar to a stay cue, but it less formal. In a stay, you're telling the dog it needs to STAY right here until you return. But, the wait means hold tight for just a few seconds.

So, can dogs really learn this?

YES, they can. It's not a dream! Your dog can easily do this. It takes just a few minutes a day and, of course, some treats!

Join us over the next four weeks, and we'll help you train the wait cue in some practical situations. Your dog will learn to wait while you:

  • Fill their food bowl.
  • Leash him for a walk
  • Open the front door without the dog bolting out.
  • Load groceries into your vehicle with an open door.

Happy training!

Sharon of Personable Pets