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Christina Potter


Christina Potter’s over twenty-five years of training dogs have taught her more than her Masters Degree in Canine Psychology ever could. She has trained various breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Chinese Cresteds, Berger Picards, etc., even an Afghan Hound. She has spent thousands of hours working with dogs on print ads, websites, motion capture for video games, commercials, and television shows--both live and pre-recorded. She was the  main trainer on such feature films as “Funny Games”, “As Good As Dead” and “Our Idiot Brother”. She has also trained dogs to compete in Rally, Competitive Obedience, Conformation, and Agility.


She is the author of “Chester Gigolo: Diary of a Dog Star” and "Insider Training: Chester Gigolo’s Dog Training Secrets Revealedfor which she won the 2016 DWAA Captain Haggerty award for Best Training Book and the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Award (Animals & Pets). She is also a contributing author to “Animal Stars: Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors”. She has written multiple articles which have appeared in various international publications.


Christina, a member of Dog Writers Association of America, is a federally-certified court interpreter who also holds a BS in Business and a Masters in Public Administration. She and her husband currently live in the New York City area. They share their lives with their five dogs: Morgan, Hudson, Chester, Pepe and Rodney.



Facebook: ChesterGigoloDiaryOfADogStar

Twitter: @HudsonDogStar

E-mail: chester@chestergigolo.com

Website: chestergigolo.com