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Featured Contributors

Here, at Three Dog Bakery, we are the inner voice of dog owners everywhere. The one that’s unapologetically obsessed with our pups. And we’re not afraid to own it—because we’re a brand by dog people, for dog people. In other words, humans who get it when it comes to puppy love.


Our featured writers feel the same way! They're here to encourage all of us to unleash our love for our dogs!



Christina Potter’s over twenty-five years of training dogs have taught her more than her Masters Degree in Canine Psychology ever could. She has trained various breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Chinese Cresteds, Berger Picards, etc., even an Afghan Hound. Read more about her here!











authorpage-susan.jpgSUSAN REZNICSEK

Susan Reznicsek, Grammy of NottaBear Newfoundlands, is the author of several books, including "Taking Care of Mother," and "Gone To the Dogs," and "Loved Ones: Inspiring Stories for Caregivers." She has spent over 30 years in the caregiving industry.  Susan's knowledge of therapy dogs and their value has opened an entire new way of caring for othersRead more about her here!




sharon-2.jpgSHARON WOODRUM

Sharon Woodrum, Personable Pets Dog Training, became a professional dog behavior counselor for one reason – to help families live with their canine partners. By ‘Focusing on the Family dog,' she delivers training plans and guidance that is effective in everyday family situations. Read more about her here!